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M-Joptim Marine Aqua Collagen Moist Mask 10pcs/Pack

M-Joptim Moisturizing Toner With Ceramide | Repair Skin Barrier 150ml

M-Joptim Moisturizing Lotion with Ceramide | Repair Skin Barrier 100g

Free Gift: M-Joptim Damascena Bulgarla Rosa Water Mists Toner (100ml)

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Moisturizing Ceramide Toner 150ml

Moisturizing Ceramide Lotion 100g

Marine Aqua Collagen Moist Mask 10pcs/Pack 

Free Gift: Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum 30ml 

An intensive moisturizing lotion with Ceramides and Squalane for fragile or very dry skin. Helps to repair and strengthen the skin's barrier, and provides whole-day hydration for softer and smoother skin. Paraben-free and Mineral Oil-free. 

What ceramide moisturizing Lotion is

A multi-functional lotion targeting dry and fragile/compromised skin. Formulated with Ceramide II, III, and 6II, to restore & strengthen skin's barrier and lock in moisture. Also, featuring Bee Honey and Adenosine to help moisturize and soften skin.

What ceramide moisturizing toner / Lotion is good for

  • Repair the skin barrier, leaving it soft & smooth
  • Improves moisturizing capability of the skin
  • Improves the appearance of the fine lines due to skin aging/dryness.
  • Ideal for very dry skin
  • Boost radiance skin