Hydrating Facial Amino Acid Cleanser

An amino acid facial cleanser that gently removes the impurities and residue water-proof makeup while deeply moisturizing and soothes the irritated skin. Leave skin refreshed & nourished. Paraben-free, soap-free and alcohol-free.

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Size: 150ml

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Amino Acid Cleanser - product details 

This facial cleanser is powered by amino acid surfactant and hydrogenated lecithin. The rich ultra-fine foam is effortless to remove the impurities and excess oil without any irritation.

Formulated with moisture-riched ingredients from Ferments Extracts, and Algae Extracts, skin felt hydrated and radiant. The blend of natural ingredients-White Birch Extract and Perilla Leaf Extract helps to soothe sensitive and irritated skin, while antioxidant, and improves the skin's natural barrier. 


  • Gently clear away impurities and oil
  • Helps soothe and moisturize skin
  • Suitable for dry type, normal type, oil type, sensitive type skin
  • No stimulation formula, ideal for daily use

Why you should use this cleanser?

"AMINO ACID" has been recognized as the most gentle facial cleanser ingredient by skin experts. The biggest benefit is being very effective, Also it is very gentle, skin-friendly, has small irritation, and is suitable for different types of skin.